Dos and Don’ts for Senior Portrait Success

July 17, 2013 Leave a reply

Very few moments are more exciting than your son or daughter’s senior year of high school, and one of the best ways to remember that year is with senior portraits. Try these tips to make your son or daughter’s portraits turn out beautifully!

1)      DO find a great venue. Don’t take your picture indoors if you don’t have to. Find a picturesque spot outdoors for the best lighting.

2)      DO find the right photographer. Every photographer will have his or her own personality. Look for one whose prints are professional, creative, and within your price range.

3)      DO dress your best. Your son or daughter doesn’t need to be in their Sunday best, but they do need to have clean clothes that fit well. Let your teen pick their clothes and respect their choices, but point out to them that some prints and designs don’t translate well on film.

4)      DO show your personality. Bring your son or daughter’s football or volleyball, and their letter jacket. Have them pose with their cello or flute. Let the pictures showcase who they are.

5)      DON’T be afraid of the camera. Have fun. Let loose and smile!

6)      DON’T try to look older than you are. Lots of teens think that maturity means posing like the adults they see in magazines. It doesn’t. Be yourself.

7)      DON’T slouch. Your mom was always telling you to stand up straight, and you need to remind your teen to do that too.

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Senior Portrait Ideas for Softball Players

August 2, 2012 7 Comments

It’s “Back to School” and softball players are finding unique ways to express their passion for the sport during high school senior photos.

Softball Player Poses for Senior Photo

Congratulations to the Class of 2013! Good luck on the upcoming school year. Cherish every moment.
High school seniors have many important to-dos to check off during preparations for their final year before graduation. One very important appointment is to schedule a high school portrait session with a local photographer. K Jay Photos of Madison Wisconsin offers this important advice on when to schedule a senior portrait photo shoot, “the sooner the better…our schedule fills up quickly during the summer and we suggest you reserve your spot while you still can.”

Once an appointment has been set, the next questions to think about and plan for are: What to wear? Where to get photographed? What else to bring?

K Jay Photos offers a 10 helpful clothing tips to help seniors decide on their clothing selection. The photographer should also discuss location options for the photo shoot prior to the scheduled session.

We encourage our seniors to express themselves by incorporating hobbies, sports and interests into their senior portrait session. Resulting in creative senior photos for you to cherish forever. -K Jay Photos

To help softball players decide the what’s and where’s of softball-themed senior portraits, we searched the web to collect some fun examples of what other players have done in the past. At least one photo during the session should find a way to incorporate the player’s passion for softball.

Softball Rose Tip: If we may toot our own horn for just a moment, we think an amazing and unique idea to include in softball senior portraits are Softball Roses!

View our full Softball Senior Photos Board on

View our full Softball Senior Photos Board on