Softball Rose Bridals – Ashley’s Softball Wedding

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ashley and her softball rose bridal bouquet for her softball weddingsoftball rose bridals softball themed wedding

Ashley shares photos from her wedding. She desired a memorable way to express her passion for softball at her special ceremony. Her bridal bouquet design included red and white flowers along with everlasting Softball Roses.

“I chose to use Softball Roses in my bouquet for my wedding, making the whole occasion and the photo shoots incredibly unique!”

softball rose bridal bouquet with cleats and glove

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Ashley. And congratulations!

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Courtney and Mason’s Senior Prom with Baseball Rose Corsage and Boutonniere

July 17, 2014 1 Comment

senior prom for baseball and softball players with baseball roses
baseball rose corsage and boutonniere for senior promSenior Prom 2014.

Jana, a Sports Roses™ customer, shared prom photos of her son Mason and his date Courtney. Courtney plays softball and Mason plays baseball, so they wanted to add a special themed touch to their corsage and boutonniere. A local florist created a custom corsage and boutonniere using Baseball Roses.

Jana gave a very satisfied review about her Sports Roses™ purchase. “It was a lot of fun. The Baseball Roses were a hit with everyone that saw them. They made their prom flowers perfect.”

courtney and mason used baseball roses for their corsage and boutonniere for senior prom
mason is a baseball player who wore a baseball rose boutonniere at his senior prom

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DIY – How to Make Softball and Baseball Pendent Necklaces From Washers

January 9, 2014 4 Comments

softball pendent necklace made from washers

Create a gift for the whole softball team with this fun, simple, and inexpensive DIY project

Originally posted by Kirsten Dreese on Pinterest

Supplies Needed (all readily available at your local Walmart):

  • Fender washers (1-1/4″ diameter with 1/4″ hole)
  • Krylon Citrus Green Spray Paint
  • Red fine tip sharpie
  • Silver fine tip sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Necklace cord

Step 1: Apply spray paint to both sides of washers and allow to dry
Step 2: Use the edge of a washer to lightly trace guidelines for the stitch pattern using a pencil
Step 3: Add red stitching design using red sharpie
Step 4: Add player names, numbers, or other messages using the silver sharpie

Other ideas: you can also make a baseball necklace design the same way, except use white spray paint instead.

baseball pendent necklace made from fender washers

Did you like this idea?pink-softball-roses-original Then you’ll love our other handmade baseball and softball themed gifts including Sports Roses. We remove the cover from real baseballs and softballs to create everlasting petals that are formed into a rose bud and attached to an artificial rose stem. Sports Roses make a great gift idea for all occasions for players, coaches, and team moms. Click here to visit the Sports Roses online store.

3 Details You Can’t Forget When Hosting a Softball Tournament

May 1, 2013 Leave a reply

Softball Roses can help you if you’re hosting a softball tournament and want it to be perfect, but don’t know where to start.  You want your tournament to be a lifetime memory for the kids participating.  Here are some tips for making it memorable and successful.

  1. Be Creative and Unique.  Softball Roses will set your softball tournament apart from the norm.  These roses can be used as centerpieces or decorations at the tournament barbeque or banquet.  Softball Roses can also be given as gifts to the players, their parents, or any other special guests at the opening or closing ceremonies of the tournament.
  1. Safety First.  For a successful and headache-free softball tournament, make sure the field, bleachers, and surrounding areas are checked for any safety hazards
  1. Stay Organized.  Make sure you cover all the details.  Do you have someone ready to sing the national anthem?  Will you have enough refreshments available?  Do you have enough change for entry and concessions?  Do you have all the softball supplies you need?  Are there enough people available to smoothly run the tournament?  These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

You can have a successful and memorable softball tournament if you remember details like these.


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How to Make a Sports Roses Bouquet for Your Senior Softball Player’s Graduation

March 22, 2013 Leave a reply

Making a great bouquet for your senior softball player’s graduation is easier than it looks. The key is to start with great flowers. Look for something with beautiful, lasting blooms in bright colors. Arranging from there is simple—especially when you use Sports Roses.

Check out the following video tutorial for all the details:


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What College Recruiters Look for in a High School Baseball or Softball Player

March 20, 2013 Leave a reply

If your high school athlete is preparing for college, it’s a good idea to know what recruiters are looking for.  Here are some things Sports Roses recommends:

  1. Academics Really Are Important.  Your student may be dreaming of that terrific baseball or softball scholarship, but he should know that athletic prowess and talent is not the only thing recruiters focus on.  Make sure your student is getting the best grades possible.  There are actually more academic scholarships available than athletic ones.
  1. Be Proactive.  Sports Roses advises you to get your student to be proactive in the recruiting process.  Don’t make the recruiter do all the work.  Send out postcards to colleges you are interested in attending and be active on traveling teams.
  1. Demonstrate Leadership.  It’s not just about athletic skill.  Recruiters are looking for someone who is responsible and has a great attitude as well as someone who is focused and confident without being self-centered.  Show recruiters you can lead.

In order for your student softball or baseball player to be prepared, it is important to know what recruiters are looking for.  Hopefully, these tips from Sports Roses will help you get started.

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How to Plan the Perfect High School or College Senior Night for Baseball and Softball

March 8, 2013 2 Comments

If you are new to the high school or college sports world you have probably never heard of Senior Night. But don’t worry! We’ve got all the info you need to make it a great night for athletes, coaches, cheerleaders, and parents.

First off, Senior Night is an opportunity to honor four years of hard work and excellence on the court, diamond, or field. It is a night of celebration as a team and as individuals. Usually these occur on the night of the last home game in the season. Sometimes nights include a dinner or dessert bar before the game, a speech from the coach or other influential individual, and then a ceremony where each senior player is honored for their efforts and contributions.

Follow these steps to get everything in order:

1)      Talk to previous planners. Odds are that Senior Night has been happening at your school for quite a while. Find out who the previous planners were and get any information you can from them.  See if they saved any programs or have pictures from previous events so that you can recycle old ideas that worked well. Find out where it is usually held and ask about traditions and expectations.

2)      Determine your budget. Talk to your boosters club and to your school’s athletic department and find out how much money you can spend on your event. Ask around to figure out if parents and families have been expected to cover some of the cost of trophies or medals and/or the food. If they have, what was the average amount they contributed?

3)      Reserve your location. If the event is held in the school cafeteria or dining hall, that’s great. But many times these events are held at local restaurants or event halls. Find out where it’s usually held and reserve the location as early as possible.

4)      Gather your committee. Talk to all the moms and dads of the players and find out if they are willing to help with organization, set-up, creating the trophies/awards, and any other part of the event. Meet together once or twice to coordinate and then start delegating. This shouldn’t be a one-person stress fest!

5)      Order the decorations. Make your night stand out by coordinating everything from the tablecloths to the centerpieces to flowers with your school’s colors and the sports represented that night. (Sports Roses are fantastic for this!)

6)      Enjoy the night! There will be a lot of intermediate steps that will take time and planning, but with a good committee those things will fall into place. So remember to step back and enjoy the evening.

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Plan a Perfect Softball Tournament

February 26, 2013 Leave a reply

If you’re planning a softball tournament for your league, here are some tips.

  1. Secure a park. Look for a playing field in your local area and see when it’s available. A good rule of thumb is eight teams per field. Don’t forget to contact umpires and ask them to reserve the date.
  2. Determine the prize.  Decide on a prize for the winners of your softball tournament — it could be a trophy, a cash prize, or apparel, such as t-shirts, caps, towels, etc.
  3. Get sponsors.  Running a softball tournament can be pricey, so talk to local businesses about sponsoring the tournament.  Give them advertising in exchange for donations.
  4. Invite teams and advertise.  You may have teams you know you’d like to invite already, so reach out to them well in advance.  In addition, you can advertise in your local community recreation centers and encourage community members to put teams together for the event.
  5. Have on-site resources and concessions. You will need to have necessities like water and first aid available on-site.  In addition, consider adding food and concessions.  Selling Softball Roses can be a great way to fundraise at the event.

Preparing for your tournament is just half the fun. With the necessary preparations in place, everyone’s guaranteed to have a good time and play ball!

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Sports Athlete Performance – What You Need To Know About Ice Baths

January 16, 2013 Leave a reply
Team USA Womens Gymnastics team dipping legs in ice bath during the 2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Team USA Women’s Olympic Team taking a dip in an ice bath. Source: Instagram user mckaylamaroney

A focus on body recovery with ice baths can help reduce injuries and maintain regular training to improve overall body condition for sports.

With baseball and softball season approaching, players are getting their gear ready for another exciting season on the playing field. Our last blog article focused on nutrition to help keep an athlete’s body in top shape for a season of high physical activity. This week we will look at body recovery using ice baths.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, athletes from gymnasts to volleyball players were seen posting pictures on social media taking a dip in an ice bath after their performance. According to Runners World Ice baths suppress inflammation and “help to flush harmful metabolic debris out of your muscles”.

Kerri Walsh from Team USA Volleball takes an ice bath during the 2012 London Olympics

Kerrie Walsh, Team USA Volleyball. Source: Instagram User kerrileewalsh

Andy Schmidtz from USA Triathlon writes more on the theory behind ice baths.

The general theory behind this cold therapy is that the exposure to cold helps to combat the microtrauma (small tears) in muscle fibers and resultant soreness caused by intense or repetitive exercise. The ice bath is thought to constrict blood vessels, flush waste products and reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Subsequently, as the tissue warms and the increased blood flow speeds circulation, the healing process is jump-started. The advantage of an ice bath submersion is that a large area of intertwined musculature can be treated, rather than limiting the cold therapy to a concentrated area with a localized ice pack.

Jackie Traina pitched on the 2012 Alabama Crimson Tide Championship team.

Source: University of Alabama

And top college softball players are utilizing ice baths to improve their ability to play during demanding performance schedules. Alabama Crimson Tide pitcher Jackie Traina spoke with during her teams run to the championship in the 2012 Women’s College World Series. Traina mentioned that she never ices her arm but instead uses a technique of icing her lower body to maintain a shape where she could pitch 600 innings over a 2 week period.

Traina’s level of performance took a lot of work building up her endurance and ice baths aided in keeping her training up. Alabama pitching coach Stephanie VanBrakle also added that Traina is “aware of when she’s sore. She knows the difference between being injured and being sore, because there’s a difference. She takes the necessary steps to take care of her body.”

So what should a player know before adding ice baths to their training regiment?

Andy Schmitz from USA Triathlon recommends the following tips for ice baths.

  • Don’t go too low with the water temperature. It shouldn’t be freezing cold, but instead a temperature of 54-60 degrees is ideal. Temperatures below 54 degrees can be dangerous.
  • Some people may be very sensitive to the cold water and can use booties made of wetsuit material to help sensitive toes
  • Don’t overexpose your body to the cold water. 6-8 minutes is all you need.
  • If you are uncomfortable with 54-60 degrees temperature, you can also see good results using higher temperatures (60-75 degrees). Ease your body into ice bath routines.
  • “Don’t Rush to take a warm shower immediately after the ice bath”. You want to gradually warm your body so try warming yourself with a blanket before jumping into the shower.
  • Apart from ice baths, active recovery with very light exercise can also help “facilitate blood flow to musculature”

As with any training and nutrition techniques, it’s a good idea to do your homework on ice baths and consult with a professional for questions about your individual body. Good luck this season and leave us a comment below on how you recover after your workouts and games.

Preparing For Softball Season – 5 Nutrition Tips To Give You The Edge

January 1, 2013 1 Comment

softball rose 2013 new year preparing for the new season

Happy New Year From Softball Roses!

2013 is here and that means a new season of softball is only weeks away! We hope you’ve been keeping in shape throughout the fall and winter. Many of us are setting goals and resolutions for the new year, so we thought it would be a good time to review some essentials for nurturing your body and mind so that you can perform your best!

5 Important Performance Enhancing Nutritional Tips


  1. Don’t leave out breakfast.
    Are you always in a rush to school or work each morning? Many of us hit the snooze button on the alarm clock until the last minute and then we rush to get dressed and get out the door without refueling our bodies. Foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, and fat are essential.

    “Some good food choices to start your day are, fresh fruit, yogurt with fresh fruit, toast with peanut butter, toast with low fat cheese or whole grain cereals with milk.”

  2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. We hear it all the time, but if you were to log how much water you drink each day, you will probably be surprised how little you drink. Eight 8-ounce glasses of fluids a day has been a general rule and it is supported by doctors. But if you are working out (especially in the sun), you may need more replenishment during those times. Sports drinks with electrolytes are a great choice before your work out. Don’t forget to drink fluids between innings and on breaks.

    “Consumption of adequate fluid before, during and after strenuous activities can help maintain blood glucose levels during exercise, and maximize your performance.”

  3. Eat foods high in carbohydrates. Pastas, breads, fruits, and smoothies are just a few great examples to make sure you body has the energy it needs during your work outs.
    illustration of pitcher throwing softball from softball rose

    “Have a snack at least 1 hour before a workout. Good snack choices may consist of granola bar, large banana, or even a ½ bagel.”

  4. Skip the vitamin and mineral supplements. If you are eating right, these aren’t needed. There may be some situations where supplements should be used, leave it to the professionals and consult your doctor to help you decide.
  5. Remember Your Time After Exercise Activity. Often overlooked, but just as important as your pre-exercise routines is to make sure you are taking care of your body after strenuous physical activity. Drink 3 cups or more of water to rehydrate your body after physical activity. And also make sure to eat after physical activity to replenish nutrients that were used up.

    “One way to check your hydration level is to check the color of your urine. If the color is dark yellow, more consumption of water or sports drink is needed.”

  6. By keeping these simple tips in mind throughout the year, you will be preparing your body and mind so that it can be ready to perform at it’s best when you need it the most. You may be young and healthy, but when you are competing with top athletes, you’ll need every bit of edge you can get. Start forming good habits now while you are young and you’ll see the rewards later on in your career.

    “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle

    Have any recommendations on how you prepare yourself for the season? Share them in our comments below.

    Learn from the Best! An inspirational guide for aspiring young softball players by Jennie Finch

Texas Homecoming Mums, Sports Roses Style!

August 18, 2012 14 Comments
texas homecoming mums

By Mark Ellingson
Chula Vista, California

I’ll have to be perfectly honest. I had never heard of a homecoming mum until about two weeks ago when I was having a phone conversation with Sue Clayton, a customer from Houston, Texas. She asked if I had ever considered incorporating Sports Roses into homecoming mums.

"Homecoming Mums? What are those?"

After I hung up the phone, I still had no clue what a homecoming mum was. So I hopped onto my computer and typed “homecoming mums” into Google. I quickly realized that pictures speak much louder than words when it comes to this annual Texas high school tradition. I couldn’t believe the gigantic size of the mums that students would adorn themselves with at their homecoming football game.

For anyone that has not lived in Texas during the months of August-October, you will probably be just as clueless as I was. I also found researching the history of homecoming mums to be a very difficult task. There is no entry for "homecoming mums" in Wikipedia.

A 2011 Rueters news article by Marice Richter, briefly explained that it all began as a much simpler tradition of a boy giving his date a live Chrysanthemum corsage with some ribbon when they went to the homecoming football game.

Through the years, silk mums replaced the live Chyrsanthemum. Embellishments were added, and “the bigger the better” became the name of the game (this is Texas after all). The modern homecoming mum will include 3 to 5 mums (or more) arranged into a huge corsage with several pounds of ribbon and trinkets dangling all the way to the ground. A Google image search will confirm that, in many cases, girls posing with their homecoming mums will be completely covered from neck to toe.

Source: via Sports Roses on Pinterest Logo

Richter's article reported that a do-it-yourself mum will typically cost the mother of a boy, attempting to impress his date, around $20-$50 in supplies. Professionally made homecoming mums (yes, this has become a seasonal profession in Texas) can range from $60-$500 depending on how many mums, stuffed bears, ribbon chains, and accessories are desired in the mum. Some people even goes so far as to add in LED lights and speakers to give an audio and visual boost.

During the process of sifting through hoards of online photos, I began to pin my favorites on the Sports Roses Pinterest Homecoming Mums Board. I started to become more fascinated with the whole tradition. I also discovered that just like the guy will give a girl a homecoming mum, the girl will return the favor with a smaller homecoming garter for the guy that he can wear on his arm sleeve.

My fascination became an obsession, so I contacted Shakisha Crooks, the lead designer and owner of Divine Kreationz with over 10 years of experience designing homecoming mums and garters in Texas.

I asked if she could create a custom homecoming mum for me that would incorporate Sports Roses into the design. She said she would love to help. I explained that the design should be themed for sports and that our local Chula Vista High School colors should be represented. I sent her some sample Sports Roses and Crooks incorporated Baseball Roses and Football Roses into the mum. She was fast too. My homecoming mum was finished within within 3 business days and I was absolutely amazed when I pulled it out of the box.

For our Texas readers that are looking for a new way to make your homecoming mum stand out this year, consider purchasing Sports Roses to accessorize your mum. Sports Roses are only available online, so others at your school are not going to easily find them on the homecoming aisles of Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Sports Roses create a striking display that can further theme your mum to the sports that your son or daughter (or their dates) are involved in. Best of all, just like the silk mums, Sports Roses will last forever—creating a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Sports Roses Homecoming Mum Photos View Full Photo Gallery
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Are you a homecoming mum newbie like me? Have you made a homecoming mum yourself? Share your thoughts about homecoming mums in the comments below.

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Senior Portrait Ideas for Softball Players

August 2, 2012 7 Comments

It’s “Back to School” and softball players are finding unique ways to express their passion for the sport during high school senior photos.

Softball Player Poses for Senior Photo

Congratulations to the Class of 2013! Good luck on the upcoming school year. Cherish every moment.
High school seniors have many important to-dos to check off during preparations for their final year before graduation. One very important appointment is to schedule a high school portrait session with a local photographer. K Jay Photos of Madison Wisconsin offers this important advice on when to schedule a senior portrait photo shoot, “the sooner the better…our schedule fills up quickly during the summer and we suggest you reserve your spot while you still can.”

Once an appointment has been set, the next questions to think about and plan for are: What to wear? Where to get photographed? What else to bring?

K Jay Photos offers a 10 helpful clothing tips to help seniors decide on their clothing selection. The photographer should also discuss location options for the photo shoot prior to the scheduled session.

We encourage our seniors to express themselves by incorporating hobbies, sports and interests into their senior portrait session. Resulting in creative senior photos for you to cherish forever. -K Jay Photos

To help softball players decide the what’s and where’s of softball-themed senior portraits, we searched the web to collect some fun examples of what other players have done in the past. At least one photo during the session should find a way to incorporate the player’s passion for softball.

Softball Rose Tip: If we may toot our own horn for just a moment, we think an amazing and unique idea to include in softball senior portraits are Softball Roses!

View our full Softball Senior Photos Board on

View our full Softball Senior Photos Board on

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