Christmas Gifts for Special Baseball Fans

A special gift is in order for the dedicated baseball fans in your household, as well as players, coaches, game volunteers, any baseball fan you’d like to give a small recognition at the holidays.

And how about helping the team get something nice, but inexpensive, for every team mom?  The moms who drove to practice and games, provided snacks and sport drinks, planned and executed away game trips, wrote checks, bought gear … well, a list of what the moms *didn’t* do would be short to non-existent!

How to inspire gasps of delight while keeping it affordable?  How about something completely different – a rose crafted out of a baseball ball cover?

White leather with red stitching sets this rose apart!  Crafted by hand from the covers of baseballs (yes, really!) a Baseball Rose is a unique and attention-grabbing gift.  It’s sweet and affordable at a price of only about $15 each for a single stem with greenery and a ribbon, plus shipping.  And it lasts far longer than a real rose, never needs water and doesn’t wilt!

No doubt there are some larger baseball gifts destined for under the tree – picture a new …

  •   glove, with a Baseball Rose across the palm, waiting to be discovered by your special;
  •   bat, with a Baseball Rose tied to the handle with grosgrain baseball ribbon, one designed to swing for the fences;
  •  DVD’s of the Olympic baseball games, tied together with baseball ribbon;
  •   lap robe bundled with a seat cushion, tied together with baseball ribbon, will be appreciated for cool early spring games;
  •  logo team jacket for spring training, with a Baseball Rose boutonniere;
  •   a Baseball Rose bouquet for the most supportive mom in your house!

And in your baseball-crazy house you can even use the baseball roses, ribbon and mini-pennants to add delight and charm to your holiday décor.  You don’t have to host the team party to enjoy holiday baseball reminders, but if you are, these ideas are even more fun!

  •   A few Baseball Roses will sparkle whimsically among the deep red leaves of your poinsettias.
  •   Baseball grosgrain ribbon will dress up your Christmas packages of gear and logo attire.  A mini-pennant or two sticking up from the bow will brighten eyes with excitement!
  •   Wrap baseball grosgrain ribbon around the stems of holiday bouquets, with a big bow.
  •   And do it the other way around … a bouquet of baseball roses as the centerpiece of the team party, adding a holiday ribbon wrap, perhaps even a small poinsettia or three.

The holidays may be the off-season for baseball, but there is no off-season for the love of the game!  Enjoy your passion while celebrating the holidays!

What are some of the best gifts for a baseball fan you’ve received?

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